Brain Powered Weight Loss Master Class

Built specifically for people who feel like they've tried EVERYTHING.

Nationally renowned psychotherapist, weight loss expert and best selling author Eliza Kingsford will help you become aware of the destructive patterns in your brain that are keeping you from true happiness.

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The #1 Most Effective Tool in the Weight Loss Battle


Successful weight loss requires shifting your identity and belief systems...well before diet and exercise

Specialty diets, foods, exercise, workout plans are all setup to fail without first addressing the single most important component of weight loss. Weight is a symptom, not a cause. So often people waste years trying to fix the symptom. Instead, we will start with the CAUSE, the SOURCE of your pain.


Identify and change the patterns that derail your weight management. And finally lose the weight...permanently.

You're going to learn why successful weight loss REQUIRES shifting your identity and belief systems...well before diet and exercise. So you can finally end the battle with food and your weight, for good!

A journey of discovery, transformation and empowerment.

Discover your own belief and behavior patterns.

Successful weight loss starts with thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviors—not calories and workouts.

In fact, it's the foundation of lasting weight loss.



Rewire your body's brain/weight connection.

That feeling that your body is fighting your best efforts to manage your weight? It's real.

Discover why, and begin mastering the tools that help align your heart and your mind towards the weight and life you want.


Build your own one-of-a-kind weight loss program.

Isn't it time to stop shoehorning yourself into a plan that worked—for someone completely different?

Everyone deserves to be at their healthiest, happiest weight, so make your plan your own!


Learn new ways to overcome derailers.

Every day has stresses that can derail weight loss.

Your plan has to adapt to your life—not vice-versa.

I'll share a suite of tools for monitoring and 'dialing in' your  program. This is the toolbox you reach for when it feels like you're getting off-track again.


Is This Course For You?

If you're looking for yet another prescriptive diet or exercise plan that works for awhile and then fails —you're going to be disappointed.
It's specifically tailored to people who:
+ Are tired of being told exactly what to eat and how to exercise.
+ Already know that sustainable weight loss is much harder than "eat less, move more."
+ Have tried hard, lost weight—and still gained it back.
+Know what to do, they just don't do it.
+Feel like they've tried EVERYTHING

This sounds like a TON of stuff!

I know what you must be thinking, "I've tried everything and this this sounds like a TON of stuff! I don't know the first thing about mindset or belief systems." I know! And all of it may seem overwhelming, but trust's not.  

I created Brain Powered Weight Loss to eliminate overwhelm, cut through the none sense and make this journey easier for you, not harder. It's designed to make your transformation from feeling hopeless and frustrated to peaceful and happy easy and fun!


Start My Transformation Now!

I'm ready to begin transforming my mind and my body, for a better life today!

If you're ready to kick old disappointments to the curb, to commit the time and energy to try one last time... it's for YOU.

"FINALLY. A resource that helps me focus on my behaviors versus another diet. Kingsford's approach is refreshing, incredibly helpful and thoughtfully written. If we can't control why we do (or don't) act on certain impulses, we'll never have long-term success in weight loss. Love it!"


Your Course Includes:

Eight self-paced modules.

I'll give you a foundational understanding of the eight clinically-proven keys to lasting weight loss, with instantly meaningful examples, mini-practices, and immediately useful tips.


Thirteen power tools.

Begin lifelong mastery of these essential tools as each module's assignments help you apply these techniques to change your own behavior patterns and relationship with food and your body.


Coaching Calls

Access to archived, live coaching calls corresponding to each module. Purchase also includes participation in my private Facebook support group and personalized video answers to your questions.


"I cannot hold this back, the #2 bonus call changed. my. life. I've learned that I have a few emotional eating habits born out of self-pity. I was totally unaware. Thank you! This is all making such a huge difference for me RIGHT NOW!"


My Promise To You.

Most of all, I want you to succeed. During the first 30 days after purchase, if you're doing the work and my approach just isn't clicking for you for any reason, I'll refund 100% of your payment so you can find something that fits you better.

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